Kent Studio Pottery

Handmade ceramics,
created by Master Potters
here in the heart of Kent

Ceramic Gardenware

Terracotta – or earthenware – pots look fantastic in any garden, and those made at Aylesford Pottery are fired at a higher temperature than mass produced pots, meaning they are guaranteed not to crack or shatter in the frost. Aylesford Pottery stocks a wide range of ceramics for the garden including flower and plant pots of all shapes and sizes, ornaments and even sculptures. Alan and Billy also enjoy making large scale works such as garden fountains. If you can’t find what you’re looking for they would be happy to make something especially for your garden, or as a gift for a special occasion.

Functional Ceramics, Tableware, Crockery

If you prefer the objects in your home to be individual and have integrity, rather than be mass produced, and want to support local crafts people, visit the shop and gallery at Aylesford Pottery. Aylesford Pottery has a wide range of ceramic table ware to suit all tastes. Whether you prefer rustic and traditional styles or crisp, clean contemporary looks – you will fall in love with the handmade crockery at Aylesford Pottery.

Decorative Ceramics

From soap dishes to incense holders, the gallery at Aylesford Pottery stocks many decorative ceramics which make beautiful gifts, and will enhance any home.

Raku Ceramics

The Raku technique makes for beautiful decorative ceramic pieces, which are always unexpected – no two pieces are ever the same with this unpredictable method. The pottery is removed from the kiln at its highest temperature and deliberately cooled down quickly, sometimes with combustible materials or water. Aylesford Pottery’s range of raku is either black and white with a strong crackle effect, or with striking vibrant colours and metallic hues.

Ecclesiastical, Religious and Urns

Owing to our unique location, the Aylesford Pottery creates several designs inspired by the local medieval and religious environment. These beautiful ceramic pieces make excellent gifts at any time, but especially at major life events such as births, christenings and weddings. Memorial pieces to honour those who have passed on are also represented, through urns and customised plaques.