Handmade pottery in the heart of Kent
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Before Alan Parris and Billy Byles took over the pottery in 1999 their background has been in all aspects of producing thrown and hand built ware for some of the biggest potteries in Kent and London. Today they are in constant demand as specialist craftsmen.

The pottery is not just the studio, but has expanded to take over a second building which hosts the Aylesford School of Ceramics. Here students take courses during the day and the evening.

In 1952 the Carmelite order re-purchased the Priory and wanted to establish a pottery in the grounds of the estate. In 1954 David Leach set up the Aylesford Priory Pottery for the Friars, later handing the pottery over to Colin Pearson. In those days it was mainly producing stoneware goods.

Aylesford Priory has always inspired the creative arts, but in particular the role of ceramics has been central. Alongside Leach and Pearson the name of Adam Kossowski plays an important part. It was he that produced an extensive range of ceramic friezes that illustrate parables from the Bible which can be seen in buildings all around the estate.

Alan Parris
Billy Byles

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